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Woollands Equine Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 1989 by Chartered Physiotherapist Jo Paul.

Our aim was to treat hairy ponies and elite equine athletes with equal care and attention to maximise the potential of each patient. 

Jo developed that vision to produce Joined Up Rehab which demystifies the process of equine rehabilitation to provide outstanding clinical education and support to Neuromusculoskeletal practitioners who share her passion to  facilitate best NMSK care of all equines.


Joined Up Rehab

An intoxicating mixture to enable the horse to achieve the skills, that enable you to achieve your goals.


Core principles: 

  • An inherent love of the horse working in his given role with ease.

  • An intense need to understand how horses learn, react and understand. 

  • A divergence to Centred Riding with emphasis on movement and balance.

  • A deep fascination for human and equine movement and the resulting factors for performance excellence.

  • Evidence informed physiotherapy practice and continued need to gain further understanding.

  • Using knowledge to facilitate the lateral thinking.

  • An interest in education and how humans learn, react and understand.

  • Responsibility to share knowledge and experience for the long term development of practice and ultimate benefit of the horse.




Fiona: Auckland NZ.

Jo is an exceptional mentor, she taught me how to appreciate the subtleties of movement dysfunction and how they relate to pain and pathology. The learnings will stay with me for life.

                             She is World Class.

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