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Stress free CPD

I am excited to introduce the Joined-Up-Rehab  Clinical Education Series that allows you to access quality  learner centred, practical CPD locally and on dates chosen by you.

Having survived years of running a physiotherapy business alongside a farm,bringing up children,caring for relatives and animals,I appreciate, the cost and challenges practitioners experience in trying to access the  targeted CPD they need to give them next day competencies to develop their practice.

Therefore, having a bit more flexibility, I am offering to travel to you and deliver the level of practical education many of you have experienced over the years at WERC.

Reducing the amount of organisation so you can concentrate on you education. 

Why choose Joined Up Rehab ?


Learner centred CPD

Jo Paul is one of the UK’S most experienced Equine Movement Clinicians and Veterinary Physiotherapy Clinical Educators and is passionate about  delivering evidence informed Clinical Education to improve standards of care for all patients.

Why choose Joined Up Rehab ?


 You choose a learning group and work at your level.

You can choose as many learners as you want up to the maximum number for the course you want to book. Obviously being a practically based course the fewer learners the more attention per learner but the less people to share the costs.

Why choose Joined Up Rehab ?


Choose from various 1 x day course topics run either individually or together.

Each course has a day itinerary that provides a minimum of 7 hrs of CPD. Many of the courses can run consecutively and normally you can run days together. There is a discount for consecutive days. Some courses have prerequisite learning, please check when you book your course.

Evidence informed practical courses, references will be given to direct pre-course reading.

Why choose Joined Up Rehab ?


Choose a local venue

Avoid costly venues, corporate frills and unknown travel costs. Choose the venue, maybe your yard and kitchen, the local livery or riding school, the venue is an additional cost and up to you to decide.

This must be a safe venue with access to horses suitable to practice techniques. I.e. no known horses with poor temperaments, that are known to bite, kick or be dangerous.

A risk assessment template and resource list will be supplied for each course which tells you what facilities /resources you need to supply. 

Why choose Joined Up Rehab ?


Choose your dates

Minimise work and domestic responsibility disruption and costs. Save time planning and booking you travel and accommodation.No need to plan for travel days.

Dates are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Why choose Joined Up Rehab?


Work at your Level of Practice.

Entry: Suitable for  Coaches, Trainers and Owners.

Development: Suitable for Vets, MSK Practitioners not familiar with the

Joined-up-Rehab protocol.

Clinical: for Practitioners already familiar with the Joined-up Rehab  protocol or experienced ACPAT Cat A Physiotherapists.

To get the most out of each course please choose your learning group wisely with the whole group working at a similar level.

Why choose Joined Up Rehab?


Costs controlled by you.

One flat day rate covering course delivery, electronic notes, travel and accommodation for the course leader and then you decide on venue, numbers and extras.

Not included in the fee may be the venue, venue insurance, horses, horse sustenance, participants travel and accommodation, handlers and refreshments.

It is up to you to decide on a venue, horses and what refreshments you want to supply.

You can decide if you want 1:1 tuition, a smaller group with more individual attention or the maximum number which will make the course more cost effective. E.g.

  • One day local course for the max of 10 participants bringing their own lunch, on a free of charge private yard costs as little as £20 per CPD hour per person.

  • One day local 1:1 tuition with your own case studies may cost £200 per CPD hour.

It really is up to you to decide!


Course Topics

Posture and Gait Assessment

Functional Movement Assessment and Palpation

Manual Therapy: Joints and soft tissue

Neuromuscular Movement Pattern Rehabilitation

Therapeutic Handing for Groundwork

Progressing Polework exercises within a Rehab Program

Integrating the TMM into Clinical Practice

Developing Clinical Practice using the TMM

Practical Case Studies


A flat daily rate will cover the course delivery, electronic notes,resource and risk assessment template, course leaders insurance, travel costs/time and accommodation within the UK mainland.

Overseas courses on costs on application.

First Day: £1400

Consecutive days £1100

Covid cancellation policy in place for 2021. All course Terms and Conditions in the footer at the bottom of the page. 

Please note there is a completion certificate given but no official academic award for these courses.

JoinedUpRehab DVD

£19.99 + £2.50 p&p
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