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A.Posture and Gait Assessment

No prerequisite learning required.

Levels E, D and C available x 1 day.

Max 10 learner

Gain an understanding and identify the effect of posture on movement and performance.


B.Functional Movement Assessment and Palpation

Prerequisite Course A advised.

Levels E,D and C available x 1 day.

Max 10 learners

Gain understanding of  functional movement patterns.

Link movement  assessment to palpatory findings.

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C.Manual Therapy:Joints and soft tissue

Prerequisite Courses A+B advised.

Levels D and C available x1 day.

Max 10 learners

Clinically reason, add techniques and refine current practice.


D.Neuromuscular Movement Pattern Rehabilitation

 Prerequisite Courses A+B advised.

Levels E,D and C available x 1 day.

Max 10 learners

Clinically reason the importance of  quality of movement and weight transference strategies in equine gait patterns.

Practice techniques to link Neuromuscular to Functional Movement Patterns. 


E.Therapeutic Handling for Groundwork 

No prerequisites but previous Courses A,B,D advised.

All same level x 1 day. 

Max 9 learners

 Handling to facilitate optimal movement during therapeutic groundwork.


F.Progressing Polework within a Rehab Program

No prerequisites but Course E strongly advised.

All same level x 1 day.

Max 15 learners

Clinical reasoning for  progressing polework exercises.

Add to pole set up repertoire 


G.Integrating the TMM into Practice.

Prerequisite Courses A,B and D essential or equivalent prior learning.

Levels D and C available x 2 days.

Max 6 learners

Clinical reasoning and basic TMM  techniques


H.Developing Practice using the TMM

Prerequisite Course G or equivalent prior learning.

Levels D and C only x 2 day.

Max 6 learners

Developing clinical reasoning and practice using the TMM.

Using TMM as an assessment tool to inform exercise prescription.

Using the TMM to monitor early movement dysfunction


I.Case Studies with or without TMM

Prerequisite Courses G essential for Courses including the TMM. 

Levels E,D and C available x 1-4 x days.

Max 8 learners

Developing clinical reasoning.

Develop problem plans and patient centred care plans

Link treatment techniques to specific cases

Monitor and manage treatment progression

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